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Hello, I'm The Weave, a 57 year old disabled Navy veteran. I want to WELCOME you to my site. I am compiling a list of interesting things that I find around the web.. Being mostly restricted to my bed and wheelchair I have plenty of time to surf the web fending off boredom. As you can imagine, while surfing around 12-18 hours a day, I stumble upon many things that I find interesting. Sitting here all alone I had to share all my excitement with someone! My wife got tired of me occupying all her work time so I started my Facebook page Weave's Picks.

Recently I decided to monetize my efforts by adding affiliate items to the site where I am paid commissions for showing you great deals from some fantastic vendors.  However, some of them required me to have my own site. Thus was born these pages.

As time goes on, this site will morph into whatever it will be. I am open to any ideas or feedback you feel necessary to send me. My direct email is [email protected]

Enjoy your time here, I hope you find some things interesting and useful.

Have fun,
The Weave